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Is it Time to Replace your Playground's Safety Surface?

By Whirl Construction (338 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on April 5, 2013

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A well built playground is essential to ensure a safe environment for your children. Playground safety should be taken seriously, as it can prevent injuries and accidents from occurring. Whirl Construction offers several playground safety surface options such as: wood fiber, bonded rubber, poured in place, synthetic turf and rubber tiles.

How to Make Playgrounds Safer

When it comes to safety issues, those in charge usually take the following steps:

  • Make sure all play apparatus is age-appropriate.
  • Children should be free to play, but supervised at the same time.
  • Ensure ongoing maintenance at playground location.

Quality playgrounds by Whirl Construction

Two Types of Recommended Playground Surfaces

1. There are safety surfaces that are made up of loose filler materials such as: rubber mulch, wood fiber, sand or wood chips. While these are inexpensive, they must be constantly checked to ensure that there is sufficient depth of filler material. Frequent raking by playground staff is important to make sure that there is enough filler material covering the hard ground.

2. Uniform materials are great for playgrounds because of their durability factor. Tiles are an example of a uniform playground surface. Unlike kitchen tiles, they are made up soft material like playground surfacing rubber tiles.

When it comes to deciding on getting the best playground surfaces, it is definitely worth choosing a company that has specialized in playground surfacing and has built a large number of playgrounds. An experienced construction company can make the best recommendations. If you are responsible for maintaining a playground and wish to upgrade the surface of your playground, it’s advisable to ask to see pictures of playgrounds a construction company has built. Be sure to discuss the various options available to you and consider the benefits of using each type of safety surface.

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