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Lil Wayne Opens Trukstop Skate Park in New Orleans

By Whirl Construction (540 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on November 12, 2012

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Lil Wayne has recently opened up a new skate park which he named, the Trukstop Skate Park, in the New Orleans area, which also happens to be his hometown. Wayne is proud of the area in which he comes from and believes that it is important to give back to the community in as many different ways as he possibly could. The rapper also had the help of several of his professional skateboarding friends, including Paul Rodriguez. Lil Wayne also held a show for those who attended the grand opening of the skate park, showing off a few of his skateboarding moves that he has recently learned as well.

The skate park is located inside of the Lower 9th Ward Village, which is one of the buildings that managed to stand strong even during Hurricane Katrina, and is now open to the public, especially for those who enjoy skateboarding. Lil Wayne believes that the new addition of a skate park will help to keep kids off of the street and give them something to do, especially since there are no other skate parks in the area. The rapper is passionate about giving back to the youth in New Orleans, and making sure they have the ability to try something different, especially after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.


Perhaps the coolest thing about the skate park, aside from the fact that it will help to keep kids off of the street, is that the entire park was made with materials that have been recycled. The park currently relies on a solar form energy, which helps to protect the environment while cutting energy costs for the entire building. Lil Wayne’s skate park, which is actually a collaboration of both Mountain Dew and Lil Wayne, is considered to be the only environmentally friendly skate park to exist in the United States. 

There are tons of skateboarding necessities included in the skate park, which includes a number of different rails, pipes, and other twists, all of which come directly from recycled concrete. Even the paint that was used for the entire park, including the logos for Mountain Dew, was VOC-free. This means that the paint used in the skate park is non-toxic, whichrec is especially ideal since the vast majority of people coming into the park will be children. Along with the recycled items and the non-toxic paint, there are also tons of different plants displayed throughout the skate park. The Trukstop Skate Park is perfect for just about everyone, ranging from skateboarding beginners to those who are more advanced and prefer to spend time doing the different tricks on the rails and pipes.

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