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Litter Prevention in Commercial Spaces

By Whirl Construction (435 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on March 11, 2016

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Trash receptacles in commercial spaces significantly reduce the amount of littering that will occur – that’s a fact. Think of it this way, if you are in a public place, and you have a small amount of trash with a considerable walk ahead of you – and no place to put it – the likelihood of your littering is high. While some people will carry their trash, no matter how great a distance, still others will not, and will litter instead.

Although it’s not a topic that is often brought up earlier on in a commercial project, when you’ve got big ticket items like garden and path layouts to think about, the amount of trash receptacles and their placement is key to keep your commercial space clean and beautiful.

So, what sort of trash receptacles do you need, and where should you put them?

Trash receptacle choice

The most important receptacle will of course, be your bins. These will come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and materials, and can also be emblazoned with different logos if you so wish. It’s important that you choose something affordable that’s within your budget, something that is in keeping with the surrounds, and something that most importantly is not too small. Small bins will lead to an overflow of trash which will negate the benefit of installing the bins in the first place.

The right placement

You will also need to look at the optimum number and placement of bins for your area. This amount will have will have to take into account the expected foot traffic in the area, which goes up considerably in walkways, eating areas, around any children’s play equipment, entry and exit points, and any areas where there is seating. You might also like to consider placing recycling bins around the place too, to do your bit for the environment.

Other receptacles to consider

If smoking is allowed in the area, install cigarette urns so that you won’t have to deal with the issue of rubbish that catches fire when cigarette butts are placed in bins.

For areas where pets are going to be present, you might like to account for pet waste too. Provide plastic bags so that people are able to clean up after their pets, and a pet waste dispenser so that they can dispose of the mess quickly and easily.

Having the right waste disposal methods available for the people who use your commercial space will reduce the likelihood of littering. Make sure that they’re emptied regularly to reduce the chances of overflow.

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