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Picking the Perfect Spot for Your Playground

By Whirl Construction (510 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on March 13, 2017

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When planning your playground, you want to make sure it is placed in the absolute best place for your property to ensure it will get the most use, with the least drawbacks. Carefully planning out where your playground should go is the first step in the construction process. Take a look at this brief guide to playground placement to learn more.

Asking yourself these questions before you go ahead and start preparing your space can save you many headaches down the road.

Are there other facilities already on the property?

Placing a playground close to other facilities on your property is a great idea. If there are pathways, trash bins, bathrooms, or bleachers nearby, placing a playground in close proximity is desirable. However, make sure you aren’t placing the playground too close to the bathrooms, in case some nasty smells happen to come across. If you do not have any facilities in place currently and think that you might potentially add some new ones in the future, make sure your playground placement leaves enough room for it.

Where are the access points?

Think about where the road or parking lot is. It’s most easy to install a playground close to access ways so not only can installers get in easily to construct your playground, but parents have easy access to walk to the playground with their little ones. Make sure that your playground is not too close to busy roads, and if it is near a busy street, make sure it is fenced in, to ensure the safety of children. Pathways should be right next to your playground so people can stop in along their journey.

Does the property slope?

There’s nothing worse than a playground turning into a watery, muddy, mess. What is the terrain like on your property? You should check first how the property is in the winter months to avoid putting a playground in a ditch where it is going to turn messy. Plan to put your playground in one of the drier, higher areas of your property, unless you plan on filling in the space with other materials. Playgrounds will need to be erected on a flat surface, so take this into considerations with all placement decisions you make.

Where are the trees on the property?

While trees can provide shade, they can also drop leaves, too. To avoid having to clean your playground more regularly, place it away from any big trees that could drop leaves on it. If you have the perfect spot, but there are trees in the way, then you might like to consider getting them removed, instead of picking a new spot to put your playground.

Whirl Construction can help with the perfect placement of your playground. Contact us and we will come to your property, assess the site, and provide guidance on where we think the best location for your equipment should be. We not only have expertise in building and installing quality playgrounds, we also have many years of experience in playground placement.

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