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Planning Your Next Playground? Here’s Why Designers Choose Rubber Tile Surfaces.

By Whirl Construction (491 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on February 18, 2020

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Thanks to technology, playground designers have more choices than ever when it comes to creating an inviting and fun space for children. Sometimes, though, sorting through those choices and comparing the pros and cons can be overwhelming. 

Children deserve a safe and fun play environment, and that’s why playground designers are consistently turning to rubber tiles as their preferred playground surface. 


Rubber tiles have many advantages over traditional options such as mulch and poured concrete. Here’s why playground designers overwhelmingly prefer using rubber tiles


Safety is a top concern of any parent or guardian at a playground. We’ve all seen a child trip and fall, come down a slide too fast, or lose their grip on the monkey bars. Rubber tile is a great shock absorber. It helps protect against slips and falls and can lessen or prevent serious injury. Best of all, because they’re non-porous, there is no concern about hazardous materials hiding in a tile! 


Let’s be honest: kids are walking Petri dishes. Fortunately, rubber playground tiles naturally repel mold and bacteria. They’re easy to care for, too - simply hose them down or sweep them off. 

ADA Compliant

When designing a playground, it’s essential to maintain ADA compliance. Fortunately, rubber tiles provide a surface that children of all abilities can safely navigate. The anti-slip property keeps kids safe, and the rubber surface makes it easy to navigate play areas in a wheelchair. They are also an excellent choice for children who are sensitive to sound - rubber tiles can significantly reduce noise!  


Rubber tiles are a solid investment that provides savings in the long run. While they are more expensive up front, you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance. They last longer than other surface options - some even come with a 15-year warranty -  and if a tile is damaged, the cost to repair one small area is far less expensive than repouring your entire surface. 


Indoor, outdoor, restaurants, schools, parks, recreation halls - the installation possibilities are truly endless when you choose rubber tiles. And while most of our clients use them for playgrounds, they’re also popular with weight rooms, dance studios, gymnastics centers, and even recording studios. The uses are endless! 

Easy Installation 

Rubber tiles can be installed on any smooth surface: concrete, wood, even compacted dirt! The process is simple and fast, and tiles can be custom cut to match your play area’s layout and design. Plus, there’s no risk of someone walking through wet concrete and leaving permanent impressions on your new play surface. 

Whether you’re building a new playground or updating your current structure, rubber tiles can provide a safer surface for children of all ages and abilities. Our installation experts can help you select the perfect colors and patterns for your project. 

Don’t settle for outdated and subpar play surfaces. Give children the best possible play experience with rubber tiles - it’s a fun, colorful, and affordable winner! 

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