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Recreational Areas Benefit From Whirl Construction Amenities & Equipment

By Whirl Construction (701 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on July 31, 2012

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The different amenities Whirl Construction can add to a park or playground are being enjoyed in recreational areas all over NJ and the tri-state area. Each amenity has a distinct purpose yet adds convenience and beauty to parks and play areas. Whirl Construction specializes in amenities that not only provide convenience but also add safety for people of all ages and the environment as well.

Many of the commonly installed site amenities are items such as litter receptacles, bike racks, tables, benches, gazebos, and a variety of differently styled bleachers. Each item has been an excellent addition to the parks and playgrounds that have ordered them. Some of the more exciting amenities such as basketball setups and skateparks have even lured additional visitors to certain parks and playgrounds.

Public as well as private parks and playgrounds are a special place where families can get together and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. These recreational areas not only provide endless opportunities to have fun, they are the place where a lot of special childhood memories are made. When items such as fun playground toys, sports equipment, benches and bleachers for viewers, and other amenities are added, these areas become more popular and fun to visit.

Whirl Construction specializes in making these recreational areas the absolute best they can be. When modern playground toys and sports equipment are added to these areas they are generally rated as top notch places to spend leisure time and building memories. Whirl Construction not only provides convenient and fun amenities, they can also assist with the design and construction of playground remodels and new parks.

Many of the most beautiful playgrounds and parks in the area have been designed and constructed by the team at Whirl Construction. Whirl Construction offers safer playground toys and equipment that enable children to play safely until their hearts are content. The modern equipment is designed to keep children safe while playing which is why many parents even hire Whirl to design a backyard paradise for their children.


The materials used to build the newer styled equipment such as slides, swings, monkey bars and other equipment is often considered as being safer than older styled play equipment. Whirl Construction proudly offers many synthetic playground materials that make parks and playgrounds a safer place for young children to play. These materials such as rubberized mats and synthetic turfs offer softer landing spots for the occasional falls associated with typical playground activities.

Most adults can recall the harder surfaces of playgrounds they visited in their youth. The modern surfaces are much appreciated by these adults as they take their children to play. Whirl Construction not only brings exciting equipment and safer play surfaces to parks and playgrounds, their convenient amenities benefit the overall aesthetics of a park and keep it cleaner and safer for all. Parks such as skateboarding parks, basketball courts and other sporting areas also benefit from the many styles of bleachers offered by Whirl Construction. 


It can be said that Whirl certainly knows how to make a day of play and exercise excellent in the NJ and tri-state area. Many people are impressed with having the ability to safely lock their bikes up on racks while enjoying parks that are complemented with Whirl designs and amenities. Being an affordable company that offers useful and beneficial solutions to nearly any playground or park area Whirl is considered the name to remember in the park industry. The different amenities that Whirl Construction can add to a park or playground definitely have made a tremendous and lasting impact upon recreational parks in the NJ and tri-state areas. 

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