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Retaining Walls: Everything You Need to Know

By Whirl Construction (434 words)
Posted in Retaining Walls/Pavers on October 28, 2013

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Add a retaining wall to your homeSoil can be quite unstable. Add to this factor, extremes in rain, snow and ice events and it becomes clear why retaining walls can be a very valuable asset to a homeowner's property. Fortunately, retaining walls have another, more esthetic purpose: to make flower beds, shrubbery and other landscape features more defined and attractive. Even a raised flower or vegetable garden can be enhanced by a decorative retaining wall.

Sooner or later, homeowners realize their property needs a bit of refreshing. Adding a retaining wall to protect sod lawns from washout adds a new, unique point of interest to the front or backyard. Retaining walls should be installed by experts. Whirl Construction has a well-established reputation for expert design and installation.

In addition to retaining walls, Whirl Construction also specializes in:

  • Playgrounds
  • Safety surfaces
  • Skate parks
  • Decorative curbing

Whether there's a bland corner of your property or a need for a long protective retaining wall to secure a raised area of your patio or pool, there are styles and colors of retaining walls that complement the overall appearance of your landscape. Opt for a modern or more traditional choice in stone block and paver designs. 

To create more privacy, choose a high retaining wall that offers an elegant estate appeal. Consider adding one of these walls to the play or picnic area of your yard. This will provide clearer definition between formal areas, gardens and recreation areas.

The experts at Whirl Construction create custom designs that receive raves from their clients. The look of your front and back yard always improves by adding a beautiful retaining wall. Using various colors of stone blocks and pavers, a bland landscape is re-energized and given new life. 

Retaining walls also create additional seating in the backyard and can be built in various configurations. Try adding one for extra seating in the lanai or picnic area. A retaining wall looks great near an outdoor kitchen. Choose a strategic area to locate one of these walls for a private little nook for reading or at the entrance to a gazebo. It's a great decorative accent at the outer area of a pergola. The most popular use of stone blocks and pavers today is the travertine design that adds a traditional European look. Discuss this possibility with your Whirl Construction professional consultants. 

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