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Revamp your Home with Retaining Walls/Pavers

By Whirl Construction (480 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on February 18, 2013

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A few reasons that you may consider retaining walls/pavers for your home may be to: enhance the beauty of your landscape, personal enjoyment or increasing the marketability of your property. While some homeowners might already consider their garden as a personal haven, retaining walls/pavers can add a new look and feel to your garden. Learn how your homes appearance can quickly change by adding retaining walls/paving stones to your backyard, driveway or entry path.

Retaining Walls & Pavers by Whirl Construction

Retaining Walls

Thumbing through a gardening magazine that offers tips on beautifying landscapes, will allow you to notice how popular retaining walls have become. They play a key role in well designed homes because of their modern and clean appearance. Retaining walls can be added to your front or backyard for a more polished style. Retaining walls can easily speak for you as a homeowner by showing others that safety and style are important to you. Paving stones are beneficial to any homeowners with pets or young children as well.

Applications and Benefits of Retaining Walls

  • Known to even out slopes, assisting in soil erosion.
  • Level irregular sections of land.
  • Create an attractive boundary for the gardens.
  • They can be built to suit family needs, for example: young children or pets may need the safety of a garden enclosed by retaining walls.
  • Can be made to blend in with the look of your home through the use of various materials, including natural stone, rock panels, brick, pine logs and decorative stone.

Add paving stones for a refined style

Pavers and Paving Stones

Similar to retaining walls, pavers can make a huge difference in beautifying a landscape as well as providing practical value. Concrete may need to be replaced once every few years due to environmental factors such as: sun exposure, bumps, oil stains etc. Paving stones will add a refined look to your property and can be matched with your retaining walls.

Skilled craftsmen often use pavers to improve the style and beauty of driveways, pool decks, walkways and patios. Paving adds beauty and durability to any landscape, completely transforming gardens and outdoor spaces. They provide a better solution to beautifying outdoor areas than dirt, concrete, or asphalt.

Benefits of Pavers

  • Eliminate the breaking and cracking of hard surfaces like driveways.

  • Prevent skidding or slipping when weather conditions are severe. Extreme ranges in temperature can cause soil shifting or slippery surfaces, which can be dangerous for elderly people or children.

  • Four times stronger than concrete.

  • Ten times stronger than asphalt.

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