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Safety Surfaces: Not Just for Playgrounds

By Whirl Construction (346 words)
Posted in Safety Surfaces on August 1, 2019

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Safety surfaces are a common sight on playgrounds. Not only do they decrease injuries, but they also require little to no maintenance and have a long use life. They are also an excellent fit for those wishing to meet or exceed ADA specifications

Today, safety surfaces have expanded beyond the play area into several other arenas. Read on to learn how you can use safety surfaces in a variety of creative ways. 

Indoor Play

Many fast-food restaurants and indoor playgrounds are turning to safety surfaces as an alternative to carpet. Pour-in-place and modular tiles are two common options because they are durable, easy to clean and provide a softer landing to decrease the risk of injuries. 

Splash Pads

Concrete can be harsh on little knees! Splash pads are turning to chlorine-resistant safety surfaces to keep kids - and parents - safer during water play. The softer surface is also textured to provide a better grip when wet. 


Sports Facilities

Football fields were among the first to use synthetic turf, but since then safety surfaces have expanded to many sectors. They are becoming increasingly popular for track & field and tennis. A rubberized surface provides better shock absorption for athletes and allows for color and pattern customization. 

Workout Facilities

The same surfaces that keep athletes safer on the court can also help in the gym. Rubber tiles can be customized with colors and patterns that reflect your facility’s style. And the shock-absorbent flooring can help reduce injuries and keep athletes safe during intense training. 

Safety surfaces aren’t just for children; they’re a viable option for any facility that wants to give its clientele a better flooring option for work and play. Whether you choose rubber tiles, poured-in-place, bonded rubber, or one of our other options, you can trust that our safety surfaces are made to the highest quality specifications. 

Don’t box yourself in with hard flooring that falls flat on safety requirements. Contact us today, and one one of our project pros can help you select the safety surface that is right for your needs. 

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