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Sandy Increasing Demand of Construction Jobs

By Whirl Construction (528 words)
Posted in In the News on November 26, 2012

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The recent tropical storm that touched down in New Jersey and New York has certainly made life more difficult for residents of these areas, but it has also created a lot of job opportunities for people in the construction field all over the country. Not only has it created a several thousand jobs already, but over the next six months it has been projected that it will create at least 10,000 more construction jobs.

Immediately following Hurricane Sandy, the states of New Jersey and New York put out a call for additional helpdemand_for_construction for skilled workers experienced in laying power lines and fixing water pipes. While many of these workers were called in from other states and already had jobs, the increased demand for their skills has meant that many workers are able to get overtime, and many companies are speeding up their training of workers already in the pipeline to take over some of these jobs.

After essential services have been restored, the next group of workers that will be needed is clean-up crew. Contractors who specialize in debris removal and making structures safe to work in will be in high demand. In many places where services have already been restored, contractors who provide this service are already booked two months out. Out of town contractors are already setting up temporary shops in the area and starting work. Of course, this means that the areas they are leaving will have fewer contractors who are able to take on the “normal” jobs that these companies usually deal with. This means that other contracting services throughout the country will be expanding their businesses into this area.

About a month or two after the storm hit land, the real boom in construction will begin. At this point in time many people will have been able to get their insurance adjusters to review the damage and they will begin to shop around for contractors who can repair and rebuild their homes and businesses. Because so many structures suffered damage, it is expected that this demand will be great.

Over the next year, there will be thousands of construction jobs opening up. These jobs will include everything from light construction and remodeling to rebuilding vast hotels and apartment buildings requiring structural engineers and construction managers. Most likely, the area around New York and New Jersey will not be able to provide all of the skilled workers that will be needed. This means that many workers will be brought in from around the country.

As workers are brought in from other states, these states will increase hiring in their areas to make up for the losses. Skilled labor will be the most in demand in these other areas because it will be skilled areas that will be called in to help with post-Sandy reconstruction efforts.

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