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Sun Shades and Awnings for Your Business

By Whirl Construction (472 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on August 26, 2013

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Sun Shades by Whirl ConstructionAs soon as the weather starts to get pleasant enough to be outdoors, most business owners and managers start considering how to use the outdoor space around their location. While not every business has a lot of spare capital to spend on improving their outdoor space, there are a few things that your company can invest in that will enhance your outdoor space. Adding a sun awning or shade can help increase profits, and improve the value of its property. They can provide protection from the sun and make an outside area usable for everything from additional seating to additional retail space.

One of the best ways to add space to your business is to use the outdoor space you already have. Whether you need extra seating or additional retail space, it can be a major investment to put an addition on a building. If you're just starting a business or trying out a new idea, it can be cost prohibitive to add building space. Instead, consider installing an awning or sun shade. Depending on the model chosen, a space can be protected from the sun and the awning braces can be used for outdoor cooling and heating systems. This means the space can be used to host customers at a restaurant or to display items for sale without worry that they will fade, dry out, or get soaked in the rain. Non-retail businesses can use them to provide a covered employee rest area. This makes awnings a great investment in a business.

Instead of using a temporary structure like a tarp to cool and protect an area from the elements or making a major capital investment in a roof, an awning is an affordable and reliable way to improve a business' bottom line. By adding the capability to sell more items and/or seat more customers, you'll increase the amount of product sold without greatly increasing your overhead costs.

Sun shades can last for many years and still look great even under high wind speeds, heavy rain fall, and snow. Many of them retract or roll back when they are not being used. Furthermore, they are very easy to install and take down if a business or building tenant decides that it is not wanted year-round. Adding one to a building is a good way to improve the value of the building itself. Even if a business has no immediate use for an awning, the fact that it exists can attract new renters to a space and improve the appearance of the building without a high cost.

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