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The Benefits of Playgrounds for Children

By Whirl Construction (467 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on February 26, 2013

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Playgrounds by Whirl ConstructionA community that lacks a playground is doing a disservice to its children. Without a playground, a child is losing an essential part of their life. Whirl Construction has been building commercial quality playgrounds since May of 1982. Below are some core benefits that playgrounds can provide for children.

Children need places where they can run around and let off some steam. After sitting in class all day, there is a lot of pent up energy that needs to be released. The outdoors is also a place where children can be loud without the threat of getting in trouble. Children who get at least 60 minutes of play time each day are generally healthier than children who are sedentary.

Childhood is a time when social skills are honed and developed over time. Kids who don't have the opportunity to interact with their peers may not learn the social skills that they will need as adults. The playground is a great place to settle arguments, learn how to share and how to work well with others.

Climbing a wall or navigating the monkey bars can be scary for a small child. Learning how to use the swings without a push can also be a daunting task for a child. However, having the ability to master these skills or overcome their fears to accomplish a goal is a rewarding experience. Even better, a small child can proudly show their parents what he or she has accomplished.

Childs can have fun while learning! | Whirl Construction

A child can interact with the world around them while playing on the swings or crawling through a labyrinth of tunnels. This can help younger children develop their motor skills in an efficient manner. Children can also learn how to use their imagination while they play. Learning motor skills can help children develop faster and nurture their imagination. These important skills can help them grow up to become creative adults who can think outside the box.

Playgrounds are an important part of any community. Children need to learn how to socialize as well as have a place where they can enjoy themselves. If children are allowed to run around during the day, they will sleep better at night which will allow them to focus better at school. This can also lead to fewer behavioral problems which are mutually beneficial for children and their parents.

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