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The Benefits of Rubber Tiles

By Whirl Construction (507 words)
Posted in Safety Surfaces on April 15, 2013

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When constructing a playground or any other area where children will play, it is important that soft and durable materials are used. If a child were to fall to the ground, their parents should not have to worry about a serious injury thanks to rubber tiles. Below are a few reasons on how you can improve playground safety by installing rubber tiles.

Playground by Whirl Construction in Oakland, NJ

Low Maintenance

These tiles are the epitome of set it and forget it. This will keep the cost of operating your playground or other outdoor play area low. For towns that are on a strict budget, this can be just what they were looking for. Private companies such as restaurants or large grocery stores can turn to rubber tiles for their play areas. Apartment complexes can use these as well to draw in tenants who have young children.

Multiple Color Choices

The customer can choose a single color scheme or a multiple color pattern for their floor. This adds a little bit of flair while making the room look extra fun for the kids. For example, kids can declare the red squares as lava that can't be touched or stepped on. It helps them come up with play ideas that will keep them occupied for hours while also teaching them social skills.

Made From Recycled Materials

There is no need to worry about using precious resources to create these tiles. Instead, they are made from recycled material. Any group that is worried about conservation will find rubber tiles to be a great way to accomplish their goal. In some cases, the tiles themselves can be recycled to be used for another playground or any other product that uses rubber.

Rubber Is a Fun Surface to Run and Play On

The rubber tiles themselves are great to play games on because they are conducive to games that involve bouncing or kicking a ball. Additionally, rubber is a fast surface that kids can run on without hurting themselves. Therefore, you can designate a section of tiles that don't even need playground equipment on them to provide hours of fun for the kids playing on them.

Rubber tiles are inexpensive, don't require a lot of maintenance and come in multiple colors. This is perfect for towns or private groups that want to save money on the construction and maintenance of their new playground. For the kids, rubber provides a safe and durable surface to play on for hours at a time. Parents can rest assured that their children have somewhere safe to go while they are at work during the day or after school.

Comments (1)

Roosevelt Manor posted on: January 15, 2015

Our company is looking to redo the flooring in our playground. We are asking if someone could possibly come in and give us a quote if possible.

Thank You

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