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The Best Safety Materials for Your Community Playground

By Whirl Construction (629 words)
Posted in Safety Surfaces on September 4, 2015

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The children in your neighborhood deserve the best playground equipment. An awesome playground encourages children to get outside and play, which reduces their risk of childhood obesity and promotes healthy social interaction and cognitive development.

However, the best playgrounds come built with the best safety materials, and when it comes to building your playground, you have to choose which materials are best for your community. We offer an array of safety materials that accommodate any climate, terrain, and aesthetic, and we’ve compiled this list to help you choose the best materials for your playground.

Bonded Rubber

With bonded rubber, you get the best of both worlds. As a safety material, it is soft and porous, meaning it protects falling children by providing a soft cushion that prevents broken bones. The porous element of its construction eliminates standing water, which breeds germs as well as danger.

Additionally, many bonded rubber playground surfaces come from recycled tires, meaning you are choosing an environmentally friendly material when you choose to build with bonded rubber. Rubber can get hot to the touch when under direct sunlight, so we recommend choosing this surface for a well-shaded playground.

Wood Fiber

As one of the most inexpensive and most popular playground surfaces, wood fiber gives children a soft cushion for falls as well as a naturally beautiful aesthetic element in which to play. Wood fiber is also firm enough to not only keep up with running children, but it also makes a sturdy support for children in wheelchairs or with crutches.

Like bonded rubber, water passes right through the wood chips in order to keep the play space dry and safe. If you opt for wood fiber, realize that it will have to be refilled regularly in order to meet the industry’s safety regulations.

Rubber Tiles

Another environmentally-friendly material, rubber tiles are often made from recycled materials and come in a variety of colors to give your playground a little extra pop of fun. Their soft and springy make-up means a cushioned fall and low-impact on children’s bones and muscles as they run, jump and play.

Rubber tiles require very little maintenance, and the squishy rubber surface absorbs noise pollution, making them extremely popular in schools and urban neighborhoods where grass and wood chips are in limited supply.

Poured in Place

Poured in place or PIP rubber surfaces are becoming very popular materials for playgrounds throughout the country. The easy-to-maintain surface is better at repelling water than wood fiber or bonded rubber combined, and it continues to act as a soft cushion to protect children from injury should they trip and fall.

Poured in Place is the most expensive option for playground surface materials, but its higher price tag is negated by the fact that it requires no regular maintenance aside from the occasional sweeping of debris.

Synthetic Turf

Although this material is most popular on sports fields, synthetic turf being used more and more on playgrounds because it doesn’t require any maintenance. No irrigation, sweeping, or cleaning is necessary when you use turf on your playground, but because of its stiff and often painful makeup, many builders use turf underneath a different material, such as woodchips or sand in order to give their playground an extra level of safety and cleanliness.

All of these materials are offered here at Whirl Construction in order to help you build the playground your community needs. Whether you want the natural look of wood chips, the playful color of rubber tiles, or the increased safety of PIP rubber, we are here to help you pick out the best material for your playground and your budget.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you get started.

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