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The Best Wooden Gazebos

By Whirl Construction (528 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on March 6, 2013

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Wooden gazebos are becoming an increasingly popular hardscaping option for homes, businesses and institutions. Gazebos are known for their aesthetic appeal and for the functionality they add to outdoor living spaces. They are a free-standing structure constructed with a roof to provide shade and shelter, which create a striking focal point that can establish or reinforce the landscape’s style. Whether you’re looking to add charm to a backyard garden or to provide a measure of protection for outdoor lunch areas, the best wooden gazebo designs are customized according to the specific installation.

Gazebo built by Whirl Construction

Functional Considerations

Establishing the purpose for a new wooden gazebo helps inform design and material decisions. Cedar or redwoods are good material choices for gazebos designed to stand up to rainy weather. Cedar is not only an attractive option but one that has a natural ability to withstand mold, mildew and wood rot. Redwood naturally resists decay and offers a rustic appeal. Pressure-treated woods are also available that offer long-lasting durability when properly sealed or painted by professional contractors.

As a permanent addition to the landscape, wooden gazebos are typically installed on concrete foundations. Functionality can be enhanced to the gazebo by installing wood, brick or stone flooring. The structures can also be customized with phone, water, gas and electrical lines for amenities like gas barbeques, electronics, lighting and wet bars.

Decorative Options

Wooden Gazebos by Whirl ConstructionWith a custom-designed wooden gazebo, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the structure’s style. Whether it’s a sleek, streamlined structure to add a distinctively modern note to the landscape or a gazebo crafted in a historically traditional style, a broad selection of wooden gazebo designs ensures that home and business owners will enjoy a gazebo best for their application.

For a public structure, a gazebo with an open design is often the best choice. Open gazebos not only allow for an easy approach from multiple directions but are easier to maintain as well. Homeowners who want a gazebo that enhances outdoor living spaces may prefer to have half walls included in the design to provide a measure of privacy as well as decorative appeal.

Because wooden gazebos offer views of the surrounding landscape, structures should be installed in a location that takes advantage of scenic vistas. Adding paths that lead to the gazebo can add functionality as well as decorative style. Weather is also an important when choosing the proper installation location. The structure should provide adequate shelter from rain, wind and sun.

When it comes to enjoying lasting satisfaction from a wooden gazebo, a structure that’s customized for a specific site is ideal. Custom designs offer home and business owners the assurance that the gazebo will fit their functional needs while adding unique architectural interest to the landscape.

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