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The Most Exotic Playground Designs from All over the World

By Whirl Construction (705 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on April 13, 2012

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Playgrounds are a community feature that can brighten the lives of children while also giving them a place to exercise. With the ever rising statistics of obesity (and video game playing) parks are becoming even more important. Designers from all over the world have stretched their imaginations to create some of the most amazing and exotic playgrounds ever created. Here are just a few of the most exotic playground designs in the world.

1.    Wall-Holla – This Amsterdam playground features Wall-Holla 1 and 2. The parks feature 3D climbable walls with ramps and climbing ribbon that fits into a remarkably small space. The original Wall-Holla was intended to fit a children’s playground (jungle gym) into a space small enough to not interfere with soccer practice going on in the same field. The result, a 52 foot long, 16 foot high jungle gym with a width of around 4 feet.

2.    Monstrocity – Centered in St. Louis and part of the St. Louis Museum project, Monstrocity is a playground constructed out of old airplanes. Climbable tubes made of wrought-iron netting wrap around two aircraft fuselages and a 25-foot-tall cupola make up the heart of this playground. The park also includes three tram cars, a fire engine and a castle turret.

Fruit & Scent Playground
3.    Fruit & Scent Playground – In Liljeholmen, Sweden lies one of the world’s greatest tributes to healthy eating. A park made entirely of constructions of fruit. Features include cherry swings an orange see-saw and a watermelon gym but most importantly, the constant reminder to kids and their parents that fruit is a better way to stay healthy than junk food.

Nishi Rokugo
4.    Nishi Rokugo – Located in Tokyo Japan, Nishi Rokugo (Tire Park in English) is just that. The playground is constructed out of over 30,000 tires and is intended for both adults and children. Park goers amuse themselves with slides, tubing, hopping games, tire races, and of course, awesome tire art.

Clemyjontri Park
5.    Clemyjontri Park - Fairfax County, Virginia hosts one of the world’s best playgrounds. The park is equipped with ramps and access facilities for children with disabilities so that they can enjoy the park just as much as normal children. The park is also extremely colorful and large enough to accommodate several hundred park goers.

St. Kilda Adventure Playground

6.    St. Kilda Adventure Playground – In Adelaide, Australia lies a rugged expanse of a playground that could be mistaken for another bit of the terrain if you aren’t careful. The playground focuses on using old wood, stone and rock to create a fun playground for kids. The park boasts a wooden castle, a ‘yellow submarine’ and an old sunken ship that attracts dolphins and sea life to the park.

Yerba Gardens
7.    Yerba Gardens – San Francisco boasts one of the most exotic parks in the world. Yerba Gardens is constructed on the roof of a building and is one of the most elaborate playgrounds in existence. The playground includes a 103 year old, hand carved carousel, skating rink, bowling arena, slides and several hundred feet of open play space.

Teardrop Park
8.    Teardrop Park – Teardrop Park isn’t a very well-known part of New York City because it’s somewhat hard to find. Located between two buildings in Battery Park you could probably walk by it and never know it was there. However; the park features amazing constructions out of natural material and includes a huge slide, rock walls, water play areas, reading spaces and places to play games.

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