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Three Durable Play Surfaces for all Weather

By Whirl Construction (363 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on November 13, 2014

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Though you may be inclined to keep the kids indoors during winter weather, it is important that children be allowed to play outdoors all year round. Outdoor playground time in colder weather helps boost immune systems, provides necessary exercise and gives a daily dose of vitamin D. While it is beneficial for children to have playground time during the winter, special considerations must be made. Many playgrounds are constructed with considerations for safety in all seasons. Below, find three of the most durable play surfaces for all types of weather. 

Artificial Turf 

Artificial turf is a potential playground surface composed of synthetic fibers that are made to simulate the appearance of real grass. One of the benefits of using synthetic turf as your playground surface is the eradication of mud. When winter snow melts, artificial turf allows water to flow freely and there are no muddy messes for kids to trample through. In addition, artificial turf is allergen free which makes it a comfortable surface for kids who experience outdoor allergy symptoms. Be sure that you use artificial turf that meets the proper impact attenuation for your playground to keep play at the safest level possible. 


Bonded rubber playground surfaces provide maximum impact reduction , making a long-lasting and safe choice of playground surface. Bonded rubber surfaces are made with recycled shredded tire material that is coated and mixed with a polyurethane binding. This surface is a perfect choice for playgrounds that must withstand extreme winter weather as the surface does not freeze. 

Wood Fiber 

Engineered wood fiber is a common choice for playground surfaces as it provides a natural look and great fall reduction . This playground mulch is a blend of softwood and hardwood pieces that are size controlled. One of the major advantages to engineered wood fiber is its low installation cost. 

The primary purpose of playground surfaces is to keep children safe as they play. By installing a durable surface suitable for all weather, you help secure safety even in inclement weather. If you need help figuring out what playground surface best suits your needs, contact the professionals at Whirl Construction today. 

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