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Tips for Staying Safe at a Skate Park

By Whirl Construction (493 words)
Posted in Skateparks on December 22, 2016

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The skate park is a place where accidents can and do happen. Even the most advanced skater or BMXer has had more than their fair share of spills. Broken bones and nasty scrapes might come with the territory, but there are certain safety measures that you can put into place to help reduce the risk of these things happening.

At the skate park, it’s all about harm reduction. Here are our tips for staying safe while at the skate park.

Tip 1: Make sure the park is clear of debris

One thing that can really cause accidents at a skate park is debris in the line of skaters. This can include things like leaves and dirt, or it can be items like trash or people’s belongings. Even the smallest item on the floor can cause trips and falls. This means that before skating, take a look at the park and remove any hazardous debris.

Tip 2: Ensure all surfaces are in good working order

An improperly cared for skate park can also cause accidents. This can either be crumbling concrete, loose bars, chipped surfaces, or broken parts. Skate parks need to be kept in good working order to keep everyone safe. Go over the park a few times a year and fix anything that is broken, or rope it off to make sure that skaters are aware of the hazard.

Tip 3: Lookout for novice skaters

Novice skaters aren’t as skilled or as aware of their surroundings as skaters that have many years of experience. At the park, it’s always necessary to give the newer skaters a lot of room and to be very aware of them when skating yourself. Make sure to look out for them by giving them pointers and the explaining skating etiquette in the park, if they aren’t sure.

Tip 4: Always skate with at least one other person

Hitting the skate park alone is never a good idea. Accidents can and do happen all the time, which means that solo skating can end in tears. It is important to have a buddy around to call someone if you fall and injure yourself.

Tip 5: Skate in good light

While night skating can look really cool and make you feel like a bit of a rockstar, if there aren’t floodlights illuminating the park it can also be very dangerous. In the dark, you can’t see properly and might miss some debris on the concrete, or easily misjudge a trick that you’re trying to land.

The best skate parks are those that are designed well, checked often, and are maintained to a high standard. Whirl Construction can build a safe skate park or check one over to ensure that it’s safe and that necessary repairs are made. If you’d like to chat more about skate park safety, then make sure to get in contact with us. Stay safe, and have fun doing it!

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