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Tips for Using Your Gazebo in the Winter

By Whirl Construction (504 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on January 26, 2015

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but an outdoor gazebo can still be quite delightful. Even though you've already put away the grill and patio chairs for the season, your gazebo doesn't have to wait until May to be used again. No one wants to sit outside in the freezing cold, but you can turn your structure into a temporary enclosure to gaze at your own personal winter wonderland.

Here's some advice to transform your gazebo for the winter months:

Cover the structure

Many people love gazebos during summertime because they're an airy protector from the sun. That's also the reason people don't like them in the winter. To shield yourself from freezing gusts, buy a canopy or cover to pull over the gazebo. This will also keep the wood safe from elemental damage from winter storms when not in use. If you still want to look outside at the snow, a clear cover is perfect.

Keep warm

Even with a cover to shield from the cold, it still won't be as cozy as the inside of your home. Be sure to bundle up and bring some extra blankets. You can also sip on warm beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, and cider to warm you up inside and out. An outdoor heater will give you a little help too - however, do not bring in a portable fire pit or any other flammable heat source. This is because the smoke will have no place to rise and creates a fire hazard.

Opt for soft chair covers

If your gazebo has benches, they'll be cold to sit on because wood is terrible at retaining heat (yet another reason it makes such an attractive summer decoration). You should buy a few cushions to lay on top of the bench specifically for winter because fabrics are better at holding heat. Store them inside when not in use so they don’t succumb to the elements. If there's no place to sit, buy yourself a few patio chairs with pillow cushions on them.

Dress it up pretty when not in use

If you decide that it's just too cold to entertain guests outdoors, feel free to host inside while giving your guests something to look at outside. Wintertime is the best season to dress up your gazebo with lights, tinsel, and wreaths. The decorations don't have to come down until the snow starts to melt. Either during the holidays or throughout the winter, you can also put a tree in the middle of the structure adorned in soft lights. It's a classic look that will charm your visitors. If you decide to go this route, you must buy a cover (preferably clear) to keep it from getting knocked down by the wind or a fierce storm.

If your outdoor summer parties are the talk of the town, you can now add warm winter get-togethers to your backyard entertainment resume. It’s a creative way to enjoy the not-so-inviting, cold winter weather.

Comments (1)

Sherry posted on: January 13, 2016

Are there companies who offer coverups or canopy for use in the winter to make the Gazebo more comfortable. Mine is an octagon open on all sides and the roof is open to the elements. We like it that way because we can see beyond into the wooded landscape and we also have bird feeders out beyond the structure. We hang baskets of flowers each spring and summer but can you suggest some winter hardy plants and evergreens to dress up the gazebo? We would still leave the inside for sitting and enjoying the fire pit that is a few feet away outside the Gazebo.

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