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Top 10 Reasons To Invest In Decorative Curbing

By Whirl Construction (805 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on October 22, 2020

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Decorative curbing is the perfect way to enhance your landscape and increase property value. Made from concrete, it is an appealing and structurally sound addition to playgrounds, golf cart paths, and commercial/residential sites. Decorative curbing requires minimal maintenance and allows you to cut back on time spent trimming around landscape beds. 

More and more property owners are turning to decorative curbing to elevate their landscape. Once upon a time, concrete curbing was associated with something gray and boring. Thankfully, that kind of concrete curbing is a thing of the past. Now we have the ability to colorize and texturize stunning concrete mixes to complement each unique property that we work on. 


There are many reasons why decorative curbing is an important addition to your property, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10: 

1. More Economical Than Traditional Lawn Edging

Traditional types of lawn edging like wood and stone can get pricey. Concrete curbing is affordable and you get way more of a bang for your buck when you factor in how long it holds up. Saving money on your decorative curbing allows you to put more money into the maintenance and care of your property, so it’s a win all around. 

2. More Durable Than Other Types of Edging

Concrete curbing is tough and long-lasting. Unlike plastic or wood curbing, it is built to withstand the blades of any lawn tool, meaning you can mow the lawn or weed wack right up against it. This enables your landscape to look neat and trim at all times, so your property is always ready to impress. 

3. Reduces Time Spent on Lawn Maintenance

Having a stable and durable border to curb your property helps keep out unwelcome intruders like weeds. The reduction in weeds our customers see from their decorative curbing significantly decreases the time spent maintaining the lawn. Additionally, decorative curbing makes it a lot easier to trim weeds or tall grass that has somehow made it through the blockade. 

4. Adds Property Value

Regardless of whether or not you have plans to sell, the value of your property can be significantly improved with the addition of decorative curbing. By greatly increasing your property’s curb appeal (literally!) you put yourself in a better position for selling or refinancing in the future.

5. Doesn’t Rust, Decompose, Break, or Move

Traditional decorative curbing like steel, wood, plastic, and brick is popular, but not lasting. Steel rusts, wood decomposes, plastic breaks, and brick moves. One of the top benefits of concrete curbing is that you don’t have to worry about any of those things happening, as concrete is extremely tough. 

6. Gives Your Property an Elegant Appearance 

You might be surprised by how heavily the presence of decorative curbing impacts the overall appearance of your property. Installing a barrier between lawn and landscape provides a visual separation that cleans up the area. Decorative curbing is truly a transformative addition to any landscape. 

7. Customized to Your Property

All of our concrete curbs are unique and customized to suit the property it’s built for. We work closely with our customers to select the right color and design for the landscape. Customization ensures that all of our customers get exactly what they are looking for and that their needs are not only met, but exceeded. 

8. Withstands Harsh Weather 

Our decorative curbing is fully capable of withstanding even the harshest elements. Rain or shine, your concrete curb will continue to do its job and look great while doing it. Concrete curbs were designed to be permanent, so inclement weather will not diminish your decorative curbing. 

9. Unmatched in Value

When you consider the value of the quality and longevity of the product, concrete curbing is unmatched in cost. Other types of decorative curbing like wood, plastic, stone, and metal are not structurally sound enough to provide the permanence that our curbing provides. Decorative curbing is one of the most worthwhile investments you can get for your property.

10. Draws Attention

The finished look of decorative curbing elevates the appearance of the entire landscape. The enticing appeal of the right curbing can influence people to come and get a closer look at your beautiful property. You wouldn’t hang a picture without a frame, so why not treat your landscape the same way?

In Conclusion

The addition of our concrete curbing enhances your property by giving the landscape a sophisticated, finished look. With a product that will keep your property looking beautiful for years to come, you dramatically increase your property value and save time and money in the long run. No other type of decorative curbing can hold up to the durability and elegance of concrete curbing. To join our many satisfied customers, contact us today for a free consultation. 

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