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Top 4 Fun Ways to Use your Community Gazebo in the Summer

By Whirl Construction (513 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on July 29, 2015

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There’s no better way to spend summer than to be outdoors. Summer evenings are one of the best parts of summer vacation, and the gazebo in your neighborhood or in your park is available all summer long. Using your community gazebo in the summer is easy if you have a few events in mind, or you can try out any of these 4 fun activities.

Community Clubs Meetings

Are you and your neighbors getting bored of the same routine? Move your next club meeting outside and out of the garage. The community gazebo is a great place to hold meetings for community clubs or homeowners association. It’s set right in the middle of the community while still offering the right amount of privacy, and if you’re meetings are regular enough, you can reserve the space on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the summer months,

Company Picnics

Renting a space is unnecessary if your community gazebo space is available. Many times, gazebos are equipped with picnic tables and other lounge furniture, making it an ideal spot for picnics, luncheons, and potlucks. Food is a great way to bring people together, and giving people the chance to mingle outside of the established office routine often leads to better moods and more productivity. Before planning your picnic, make sure your community gazebo is available on the specific date and make reservations if possible.

Charity Drives

If your community outreach program needs a space for drives and events this summer, try out the gazebo in the city park or the one right in your own neighborhood. Using a community space for a event is a great way to center your program in the heart of the community while welcoming everyone to participate. You will have more space for more guests and activities, and setting it outdoors on a summer evening will also give everyone a chance to enjoy this last warm bit of summer vacation.

Yard Sales

The best yard sales are the ones where everyone participates. Bring the neighborhood together by hosting a community-wide yard and garage sale at your community gazebo. Not only does it offer more space for shopping but it also offers a bit of privacy by keeping shoppers away from people’s private residences.

It’s also a great opportunity for mingling with neighbors you may not see quite as often. You may have to go through a homeowners association in order to reserve the space for an afternoon or even the weekend if you intend on selling goods, so double-check with your community before starting the sale.


Whether it’s time for the weekly meeting or you and the neighbors are in desperate need of a garage sale, your community gazebo can be the space to make it all happen. Community gazebos offer the perfect amount of outdoor space for neighborhood events and gatherings, and when you host there you are positively representing your community and welcoming everyone to attend. Reservations may be required to use your gazebo so check with community leaders and local homeowners associations to find out how and when you can use your community gazebo this summer.

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