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Top 4 Modern Skate Park Designs

By Whirl Construction (375 words)
Posted in Skateparks on May 8, 2018

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We love working on skate park designs and installations, and the hardest part for many of our clients is knowing where to start. We try to help our clients find inspiration and have already covered the top 10 skate parks around the world you’ll want to visit. But if you are looking for modern skate park designs, read on for plenty of inspiration. Introducing the top 4 modern skate park designs in the world.

NIKE Templo Mayor Skatepark - Mexico City, Mexico

This free to use facility was a collaboration between NIKE SB and the Mexico City government. The design features aztec and tribal influences with a unique mosaic sculpture by Luis Ponce as the centerpiece. Of all the skateparks on this list, NIKE Templo Mayor is the most artistic.

Micropolis - Helsinki, Finnland

This skatepark is known for its combination of traditional skatepark elements with a natural setting. All of the trees from the location were left intact during the design process, and green spaces make this skatepark feel like a traditional park. Micropolis has unique obstacles, including the hares that still scurry across the walkways.

Stapelbäddsparken - Malmö, Sweden

This skatepark was designed in collaboration with the local skaters, and it is one of the most modern skate park designs in the world. It almost 3000 square meters, and in 2014, they added a series of skateable metal sculptures to the massive park. These sculptures are rearranged occasionally to provide new challenges to the skaters.

Marseille Skatepark - Marseille, France

If you like graffiti, Marseille Skatepark is the place to be. Here, the community has embraced graffiti art, leading to the most uniquely decorated bowl in the skateboarding world. The rest of the design is very modern and edgy with a distinctive grunge vibe that feels right at home in Marseille.

If you are looking for the perfect modern skate park design for your community, let us help. Learn more about what we do and contact us today to learn how we can bring your community skatepark to life.

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Comments (1)

Electric Skateboard posted on: October 19, 2020

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