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Top 5 Most Impressive Playgrounds in the United States

By Whirl Construction (533 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on September 24, 2014

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Playgrounds are a critical experience for child development. Playgrounds are so much more than slides and swings, they are structures that teach children about social roles and that give them a sense of community. Below, find the 5 most extravagant and impressive playgrounds in the United States.

5. Rooftop Playground at Yerba Buena, San Francisco, California


This rooftop playground is composed mostly of rubber, which makes it a great place for bouncing fun. There is also a tube slide, a play circle with a function xylophone and areas full of sand and water for kids to explore. If you manage to get tired at the playground, take a stroll around the child size hedge maze or visit the butterfly garden.

4. Powell Barnett Playground, Seattle, Washington


Powell Barnett Playground in Seattle is divided into two areas; one caters to older children while the other provides a play area appropriate for younger children. The playground itself has several awesome play features, one of which is a large red-webbed structure that children can climb on. In the summer there is also a tricycle maze and a wading pool for kids. Another really awesome part of this playground? The restrooms! The bathrooms, while not part of the essential play equipment, are located in a building shaped like a castle that is sure to excite your little one. 

3. Kamakana Playground at Harold Higashihara Park, Kona, Hawaii


This playground is a dream for both parents and children. Located on Hawaii's Big Island, the Kamakana Playground is home to a life-size replica whale on which kids can play and a Polynesian sailing ship. These structures are in addition to wooden play areas, a drawbridge, tunnels and turrets in the playground as well. The Kamakana Playground also includes play meant to enrich kid's minds with chess tables and a ring toss game for younger children.

2. Franklin Square Playground, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The playground located at historic Franklin Square in Philadelphia is a must visit if you have children and find yourself in the City of Brotherly Love. Franklin Square is one of the five original squares in the city as planned by William Penn and it features a shaded area for kids to enjoy free play. The immediate area also includes a miniature golf course and a carousel which are sure to be fun for children of all ages. 

1. Alexander W. Kemp Playground, Cambridge, Massachussets


Alexander W. Kemp Playground in Cambridge Common is designed around the theory of free play. Kids are encouraged to use their imaginations as they fly down slides built into hills, play on seesaws, fountains and climbing nets. The playground is a series of nine interconnected play areas with hills, sand and giant wooden blocks available for play. The Alexander W. Kemp playground is also ADA approved and is appropriate for kids aged 2-12.

Even if you do not live near one of these stunning playgrounds, get your kids to a local play structure and engage them in imaginative play. Help your child to learn more about his world when you take them to explore a local playground.  


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