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Top 5 NYC Skate Parks

By Whirl Construction (609 words)
Posted in Skateparks on June 13, 2013

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Millennium Skate ParkThe many structures located throughout New York City often attract numerous skaters. However, the city features a number of locations, some within city parks that provide a designated location for skaters and BMX bikes. We have put together a list of the most popular skateparks across the big apple. Consider one of these designs and consult with the experts at Whirl Construction to build a skate park in your community.

Millennium Skate Park

Opened in 2001 and designed by pro-skater Andy Kessler, the park lies in Brooklyn, near the Bay Ridge waterfront. The spacious area has one section replicating a typical street course and another that features a number of bowl combinations. One of the bowls boasts a depth of six feet. Though admission remains free, city regulations stipulate that boarders wear safety gear. While enjoyed by a great number of locals, pro boarders the likes of Pat Smith and others often make an appearance here.

River Avenue Skate Park

Activist and skater Steve Rodriguez assisted in the design and development of the immense 10,000 square foot space that lies in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. The sounds of wheels making contact with pavement often muffles as an elevated train passes overhead. The many features of the location include a series of banks, benches and gaps along with ledges, rails and stairs. A plaza area also boasts transitional elements. The free park requires safety gear and regularly welcomes BMX bikes, inline skates and skateboards in addition to scooters.

Pier 62 Skate Park

Also known as the Hudson River Park, this impressive free skate zone spans 15,000 square feet. Constructed within the last five years, the site lies on top of a marine platform. Structural foam forms the basis of the natural looking geographical formations. On the site, skaters find a bowl, ledges and wedges along with a vast flow section. A specially designed beginner’s area has a four-foot quarter, a three-foot start box and a two-foot wedge. Attractions designed for intermediate boarders include a 24-foot ledge, an 18-foot Ollie ledge and a kinked flat rail.

Tribeca Skate Park

Skaters regularly flock to this newer park found at Pier 25 along the Hudson River. California Skateparks transformed the space into an 8,840 square foot skating area that features rails, ramps and walls. The skating area lies within a larger recreation and sport complex that additionally offers beach volleyball, an impressive children’s playground and a miniature golf course along with bathrooms and a snack bar. The family friendly park remains free of charge.

Coleman Oval Skate Park

Once an abandoned space beneath the Manhattan Bridge, the Architecture for Humanity group renovated the area into a now popular skate park. Regardless of outdoor temperatures, skaters, BMX bikers and roller-blade enthusiasts regularly enjoy the professionally designed park. Features include various obstacles and multi-functional elements suitable for skaters of all skill levels.

Whirl Construction has been in business for over three decades. The capable staff members also boast a combined total of over a century in knowledge and experience. Part of that business entails designing and building skate parks and other recreational areas. When contemplating an outdoor area renovation, get advice from the professionals at Whirl Construction.

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