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What You Need to Apply for a NJ Commercial Playground Grant

By Whirl Construction (506 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 25, 2015

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You can have a playground built right here in your home state if you know how to apply for a commercial playground grant in New Jersey. Building a playground means your children will have a safe and fun place to play outdoors, and you will have the opportunity to choose which equipment and safety surfaces will be used to insure your children have the safest fun possible.

You need to have a few things readily available when applying for a New Jersey Commercial Playground Grant, and we’ve organized this helpful list to help you gather everything you need in order to make your playground possible.


In order to apply for a grant, you need to register yourself, your neighborhood, or your organization (such as PTA or Girlscouts/Boyscouts) with the community. The New Jersey government requires registration in order to know where the grant is going and how it will be used. Professional organizations are more likely to receive grants than individuals, so it is important you know who is involved in your playground program and how you all plan to work together in order to see your playground designs become a reality.

Designs & Safety Surfaces

Before you can begin to fill out your grant proposal, you will need to know how your playground will look, where you intend on building it, and what safety surfaces and precautions will be installed in order to protect the children and families who will be using the facility.

Including this information in your grant is required by the state of New Jersey, and you will want to be very specific about every detail regarding the placement and safety equipment before your apply. This is one of those instances where you will need to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s before you send in the final copy of your proposal.

Construction Company

Finding a professional playground construction company before you start the grant application process can be immensely helpful. At Whirl Construction, we have designs and surfaces readily available for you to see, and we can help you include all the important information regarding our construction techniques and equipment in your grant.

When working with a professional company like ours, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about playground construction and safety which can be helpful when filling out your application. And with all the different playground safety surfaces we offer here, we guarantee that your playground will be the most secure.

As you are registering your organization and looking for the right grant for your playground, the state of New Jersey offers many outlets for you. The state lists numerous grand opportunities , and you can find proposals that work with schools, camps, and individual organizations. Whatever your playground needs, New Jersey has an initiative for you. And with Whirl Construction, we are here to help you design, build, and secure the most amazing playground for your children.

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