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Winter Wonderland

By Whirl Construction (407 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on December 23, 2014

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{#/pub/images/459320471.jpg}It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but what is there to do when the weather is cold and the kids are coming down with cabin fever? Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Just because it is cold does not mean you can’t go outside and play. Studies have shown that outdoor play is healthy - even in winter! Fresh air is good for the body, and exposure to cold air does not cause colds. In fact, staying indoors with others (especially with the heat on and the windows closed) causes germs to pass easier from person to person. Breathing the fresh air outside helps reduce the chance of germs spreading illnesses. 

Kids of every age enjoy and can even benefit from playing outdoors in all seasons, unless it is really extremely bad weather. Playing outside every day is healthy and burns energy, which is also good for mom and dad. It gives children a chance for a change in their daily norm, a balance in play and routine, and it is great for large muscle activities (gross-motor development). Everyone feels refreshed when fresh air is part of their activities --not just the children. Taking kids outside every day, even in winter, can be a healthy part of their daily plan, and is safe as long as their clothing is warm.

The playground may be covered in snow if it has snowed recently, but that does not mean you cannot use it. Get up there and clean it off; make a game out of it! Whoever gets the most snow off the equipment wins. Kids generally love the snow, so they will likely have no complaints with playing in it. They can use the snow as part of the playground too. Have them build a snowman, or other snow structure, in front of the bottom of the slide. They can take turns trying to knock it down, and then building it back up again.

If your town does not have a nice playground nearby, why not get one of your own? Even if your yard is not that big, there is playground equipment that can fit in any yard. Whirl Construction has been building commercial playgrounds since May of 1982. They have grown from one playground a week to as many as ten a week. Whirl’s knowledge, experience and dedication to innovation keep them in the forefront of the playground industry. 

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