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Wood vs. Rubber: Best Playground Surface Options for Summer

By Whirl Construction (353 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 28, 2018

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Are you looking to build a new playground, or thinking about resurfacing one for summer use? It can be difficult to choose between popular playground surface options, especially between the two most popular options, wood and rubber. Read on as we take a look at wood vs. rubber to determine the best playground surface options for summer.

Cost of Wood vs. Rubber Playground Surface

When it comes to playground surfaces, wood tends to be the most affordable option, whereas rubber mats cost a bit more. Both surface options meet safety standards and allow children to play on the playground in a safe environment, but the right one for you will depend on whether you prefer to pay more up front for less long-term maintenance, or if you’d rather save money now in exchange for frequent fill-ins.

Maintenance of Wood vs. Rubber Playground Surface

Rubber playground surfaces will occasionally need to be patched or repaired if they become damaged from weather and debris or play, but for the most part, they are maintenance free. Wood playground surfaces, on the other hand, will require fill-ins at least once a year to keep areas adequately padded. Areas of particular concern are under swings and anywhere children jump or land on the playground surface.

Safety of Wood vs. Rubber Playground Surface

Both materials meet safety standards and will make a playground safer than alternative playground surface options. Between these two options, wood chips may provide a bit more padding to falls, but they can also be a source of splinters or easily placed in young children’s mouths. Typically, rubber playground surface is preferred for playgrounds where young children will be playing. If the primary demographic is older kids, either surface material should suit well.

No matter what surface you choose for your playground this summer, we’d be happy to help make your playground a reality. Learn more about us or contact us today.

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