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Articles Tagged - RubberTiles

By Whirl Construction, Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on July 11, 2014
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When it comes to building playgrounds for children, safety and fun need to go hand-in-hand. There are many different types of play structures that offer exercise and entertainment, but you also need to consider the kind of foundation you are building...(more)

By Whirl Construction, Posted in Safety Surfaces on December 10, 2013
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When safety and resiliency are a must, rubber tiles are a superior choice for indoor and outdoor flooring. These customizable tiles come in an incredible range of designs and are perfect for high-traffic areas. Between these tiles protecting children...(more)

By Whirl Construction, Posted in Safety Surfaces on May 8, 2013
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Every child deserves a safe place to play. Therefore, it is important that all playgrounds have surfaces that can reduce the severity of any injury that a child may experience. The good news is that there are a variety of surfaces which can be installed...(more)

By Whirl Construction, Posted in Safety Surfaces on April 15, 2013
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When constructing a playground or any other area where children will play, it is important that soft and durable materials are used. If a child were to fall to the ground, their parents should not have to worry about a serious injury thanks to rubber...(more)

By Whirl Construction, Posted in Safety Surfaces on January 23, 2013
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With many different safety surfaces on the market, determining the best material for the job may pose a challenging task. Surfaces basically belong to one of two categories, loose-fill or unitary. An example of loose-fill systems commonly used for...(more)

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