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Why Kids Need Playgrounds

By Whirl Construction (447 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on August 19, 2014

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Playing outside is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare as public playgrounds disappear. Children absolutely need time to be children and the role that the playground plays in allowing them time to play freely is instrumental in their development. Playgrounds are more than a way for parents to let kids run off energy; they help teach and enforce social skills, foster creative and imaginative play, develop problem solving skills and help to reduce childhood epidemics such as obesity and childhood diabetes.

The New York Times published a piece on the importance of playgrounds and advises that “play requires the acquisition of a complex set of skill.” Playgrounds help teach and enforce a wide array of skills that children need to develop properly. Public playgrounds are necessary in order to allow kids to connect with one another and to learn how to interact with one another. These seemingly juvenile playground interactions help teach children empathy, sharing and communication. In addition to connecting kids with other kids, playgrounds help connect children with their neighborhood and help enhance their sense of community.

In a white paper written by the Trust for Public Land, the role of playgrounds and play in the battle against epidemics such as childhood obesity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that as of 2012, 18 percent of children aged six to eleven are obese. While playgrounds alone cannot reverse this trend, encouraging outdoor play as part of an active and healthy lifestyle can help. For this reason, it is becoming progressively more important that playgrounds stop disappearing.

Children today are expected to achieve more academically than ever before, and often this leads to play being relegated to a mere leisure activity. Both schools and parents are cutting down on the amount of time that children are allowed to play and the disappearance of accessible playgrounds only exacerbates the problem. Children must be afforded the time and space in which they are free to explore and make sense of the world around them and playgrounds are an absolutely vital tool in this. Playgrounds that feature a variety of ways for children to experience their world increase their ability to learn. Social play structures are important additions to playgrounds as are areas that feature a bit of quiet for children that might be shy or who need a moment to calm down. Playgrounds offer so much more to children, families and the community than being merely a space for kids to exhaust some energy before bed. They help encourage active lifestyles, offer social support and are a place for communities to come together. 

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