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School Playgrounds Should Always Be Safe Spaces For Fun And Dreams

Before school, during recess and after school you have seen or can envision kids running and playing freely on the school playground. It’s a necessary part of being a kid. Children need to play freely and have interactions which help shape their social, mental and physical beings. Role playing and dreaming of such things as flying a plane, being a captain of a ship, driving a race car or being a star quarterback. Many dreams start at the school playground and sometimes these dreams end up becoming reality.

The images coming from Ukraine the past few days are nothing short of horrifying. So much destruction and so much hurt. The idea of a rocket being fired and landing right in the midst of the playground at School #377 in Kharkiv is bone chilling. Thankfully there were no children or teachers on the playground. But what if…

Children across the world go to the playground everyday as a safe place, a happy place and a place where they can have fun and dream.

The idea of a rocket at the playground should always be a role playing exercise and never a reality.

Children of the world deserve better.

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