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Friday Fun! Highlighting Our Newest Projects to Visit This Weekend

With some beautiful cool weather coming for the impending week, we encourage you to get outside and enjoy. What a better way to do it than to do so by visiting these brand new playgrounds and structures.

Verona Park, Verona NJ

For north Jersey folk, the newly renovated Verona Park playground is an incredible spot to play. This massive playground recently received some fine tuning with new rubber surfacing, shade structures, and turf walls to make for a fresher and safer environment. The park also features a great path around its lake to make for a perfect walk or jog.

For reference, below was the park before its renovations.

The following gallery is the final product; ready for loads of fun!

Hawthorne Playground, Hawthorne NJ

Heading further north into Hawthorne is a brand new playground. Located right off of Wagaraw Rd. this new playground sits adjacent to the Hawthorne municipal pool and tennis courts, making it a great spot to cool off in the sun. The below gallery features pictures of this new hidden gem.

Bay Head Elementary School, Bay Head NJ

Going south on the parkway will have you at Bay Head Elementary School, which recently opened this new playground with incredibly unique rubber surfacing. We used a 1 of 1 stencil to recreate the school's logo into the rubber which can be seen below.

This playground has the perfect combination of play and relaxation, with stools and benches located on its premise, to go along with its slides, climbing walls, and nets.

This is one of our more distinctive projects because of all of the uncommon elements that it includes, making it a must visit spot. See more below.

Ocean City Aquatics Center Shades and Surfacing Ocean City NJ

We are always open to adding new things to new places, and we are all for making the most out of the space that you got. The Ocean City Aquatics Center is a prime example of this. The large complex has a courtyard on its outside that we had the pleasure of leveling up by installing shades and surfacing. Perfect for catching some fresh air after taking some laps in the pool or for hosting outdoor activities. If you're in this incredible town for the summer, we'd encourage you to check it out!

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