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Thank You Mike

Mike Bothe,

Where did fifteen years go!!!

Fifteen years ago Mike came into our office in search of a spot on our team. Mike was immediately hired on and was eager to learn. A very strong but easy-going guy, Mike was always good for a laugh and a funny story. He was always someone you wanted on your team when the workday required heavy lifting.

As we started doing more safety surface installs Mike quickly became a fixture on the rubber crew. This included a variety of long days, many of those were spent working on his knees in the hot sun, Mike never once complained as he appreciated the work we were doing and the team he was working with.

Mike and his wife Janice have an opportunity in Maine that they are going to take. Although we are sad to see Mike leave us, we are excited for the new opportunity which awaits them. We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you Mike for 15 years of loyalty and dedication to the Whirl Team. You will be missed. Best of luck to you and Janice! Come back and visit anytime.

(Mike is pictured above in the red shirt)

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